streda, 1. októbra 2014

Little Paris Giveaway

Bonjour all Paris lovers! It has been again quite a long time since I have posted the last article on the blog. I am crazy busy but so many plans are coming! As you already know I have been to Paris few weeks ago and in addition to many articles I am preparing for you I decided to promote my very first giveaway here on the blog! Interested? What you can win and which conditions you must fulfill? Read more...

utorok, 23. septembra 2014

Silk Kimono

This outfit is goodbye summer inspired one. I combine summer and autumn pieces together. Hope you guys had all very beautiful summer full of unforgettable experiences. Summer 2014 was definitely my best summer ever! I was travelling a lot, I got the most visible suntan in my life, I was meeting friends and had great time with family and worked at many very exciting projects at work. Could it be better? Don't think so...But now it's time to welcome autumn! I am ready :)

štvrtok, 18. septembra 2014

Awesome Things to Do in Paris (I)

Before I went to Paris I somehow guessed this will become an another place I fall in love with...I read many travel advices on the Internet, checked my favorite fashion bloggers' posts from Paris and also I went through my city guides when I was planning my trip. For me this is ritual and also the part of overall experience. I like to plan my trips but when I am right on the spot I also like just let my feet walk and explore random places around the corner and let my mind feel the atmosphere of the moment. I prepared for you the list of my 'créme de la créme' from this most romantic and stunning city. Hope you guys will like it and inspires you when planning your travel adventures. Here we go...Part I.!
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