utorok, 28. októbra 2014

Never Skip a Cup of Coffee

This photo means much to me so I have decided to share it with you in a separate post. A cup of coffee is basically whole life to me, a work, a lifestyle, a love...simply everything:) I took this picture during my short stay in Trieste, the coffee capital. Moka express is (beside the espresso) a traditional Italian style of making coffee which cannot be missed by any Italian household. Having a cup of coffee with the beautiful town at my fingertips was a pure pleasure...and one of THOSE moments I will keep in my mind till the rest of my life.

nedeľa, 26. októbra 2014

La Dolce Vita

I am back from my business trip to Italy and if my soul has some color, it would be creamy and baby blue mixed together. Exactly like these pictures I took in that beautiful little seaside town called Trieste. I soaked up all the positive and greatful Italian atmosphere there. I saw many stylish people and sometimes I had a feeling they were purposely matching their outfits to the sea and historical buildings around them. I tasted as much coffee as possible, experienced the most beautiful sunset, ate my favourite pasta and pizza and had delicious chocolate croissant for a breakfast in a typical busy Italian bistro on the corner of the street.

utorok, 21. októbra 2014

Back to Black

My hair is black again what makes me happy every day :) And I love mixing different materials, I really do and autumn is such a perfect time for doing this. This shirt trend is quite popular now and I wanted to try it as well. I tried different color combination with light blue shades and like it so much. After long time I am wearing pants. This ones are my current favourites. Long time I was searching for the perfect black pants and finally got them! This outfit is again different from the previous ones but for now I like to change and try any style coming to my mind. And that's fine I guess.
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