štvrtok, 24. júla 2014

London Goodies

Hi guys! It's actually a few days I am back home from London and I have so many things I want to share with you :) More I travel there more I love that place! I have been thinking about where to start for quite a long time so I am here again with (not so) traditional new in post. This time I (almost) skipped fashion shopping and went more deeper. I was searching for some fashion reading, except of regular British Vogue of course. Btw. have you already read an August Issue where an interview with Victoria Beckham is published? What do you think about it? I think she is doing really great job and perfect PR recent months!

pondelok, 14. júla 2014

Baby Blue Crop Top

After quite a long time of hunting on a perfect baby blue tee I finally got it! I bought this transparent crop top in H&M Divided just for 3 €! Good deal, I would say! Thanks god for sale. I paired it with black leatherette shorts from C&A due to my obsession in styling light materials with heavy ones:) Also I am wearing my favorite birkenstocks from H&M Divided, crossbody bag from Reserved, simple bar necklace from Urban Outfitters and blue mirrored glasses bought in Mallorca. Do you also like mixing different materials guys?

nedeľa, 6. júla 2014

Happy Feet

Hi folks! Hope you are having super relaxing weekend :) This hot morning weather and afternoon rain is annoying me but what we can do with it...I realized I have many new summer flat shoes in my closet what of course make my feet really happy after months spent on high heels. You can find here thong sandals from Mango, knitted loafers and birkenstocks, both from H&M Divided and also sandals from Baťa.