štvrtok, 18. septembra 2014

Awesome Things to Do in Paris (I)

Before I went to Paris I somehow guessed this will become an another place I fall in love with...I read many travel advices on the Internet, checked my favorite fashion bloggers' posts from Paris and also I went through my city guides when I was planning my trip. For me this is ritual and also the part of overall experience. I like to plan my trips but when I am right on the spot I also like just let my feet walk and explore random places around the corner and let my mind feel the atmosphere of the moment. I prepared for you the list of my 'créme de la créme' from this most romantic and stunning city. Hope you guys will like it and inspires you when planning your travel adventures. Here we go...Part I.!

sobota, 13. septembra 2014

Parisian Refresh

After quite a long time I am finally back guys. Many things have changed such as I turned 25 yesterday (yaay!) and also I had a little Paris escape last week. I have really needed a little break to think about my plans with blogging, to come up with new ideas and gain an energy to work even more efficient than ever :) And I can't  imagine better place to do this than Paris. Paris was always my big dream and I must say...every single word about how romantic and amazing this place is...is pure truth! Such atmosphere, elegance and vibrations all around, tasteful food and wine...I was being like little baby girl smiling and enjoying every single moment there...And hopefully I will be back very soon!

nedeľa, 31. augusta 2014

Autumn Wishlist

Summer is almost over with the last August day but this year no nostalgic mood is on my mind. Not at all, because so sooo many amazing things is going to happen! Can't be more excited guys :) And also as the new season starts it means new wishlist for me. It's full of black and white clasics and some timeless pieces! And for all you who are sad because summer gives us it's final goodbye I prepared the list of things which make me really happy that autumn is coming.
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