utorok, 21. októbra 2014

Back to Black

My hair is black again what makes me happy every day :) And I love mixing different materials, I really do and autumn is such a perfect time for doing this. This shirt trend is quite popular now and I wanted to try it as well. I tried different color combination with light blue shades and like it so much. After long time I am wearing pants. This ones are my current favourites. Long time I was searching for the perfect black pants and finally got them! This outfit is again different from the previous ones but for now I like to change and try any style coming to my mind. And that's fine I guess.

sobota, 18. októbra 2014

Bratislava Old Town

Happy Saturday morning! This year I have spent several weekends in Bratislava, the capital city of Slovakia and I have decided to share some pictures from my last visit with you guys. Bratislava is one of the smallest capital city within Europe but the Old Town is really beautiful and offers many opportunities for sightseeing and spending your free time during holidays. My favourites are little cafés and outdoor terraces, well know copper statues spread around Main Square and Bratislava Castle view.

piatok, 3. októbra 2014

School Uniform

If I was a student again I would wear outfits like this. Would I have to wear an uniform? Yes please! I can not turn back time but who cares? It is never toooo late for such outfit. Tartan is again a big trend for this season. Actually this skirt doesn't have a proper tartan print but seems like that so hopefully you will forgive me this little lie :) I am happy autumn is not so cold and rainy so far and many sunny days coming what means I can wear my favourite dresses and skirts and still there is enough space to stay fashionable without just having a big heavy coat on me...
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