piatok, 19. decembra 2014

Instagram Outfits #1

Hello dears! 5 days until Christmas...isn't it kind of crazy?! I have been cheating on my blog with outfit updates due to being at work from dawn to dusk. But! Instead I am quite active on Instagram where I am uploading my current outfits and details almost daily. Here I am with the first selection from recent weeks :)

piatok, 12. decembra 2014

Gift Guide I.

Christmas is here in 12 days! Can you believe this?! I am here with my first list of gifts for HIM. Doesn't matter if you are looking for gifts for daddy, granddad, uncle, cousin, brother, boyfriend or friend. I guess there are some tips for every men! Sooo here we go...

pondelok, 8. decembra 2014

London Summer Photodiary

Hi dears! I have realized I still have so many pictures from my trips I want to share with you! London is my biggest love, I guess you all already know this. This photodiary is from my summer trip to London (actually it was my 4th visit there). The best thing when you travel many times to the same city is that you can explore many "hidden" places. London is not only about Big Ben and Tower Bridge, not at all. There are so so many places you should see there. Each part of the city is totally uniq and has many things to offer...
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